More caravan sites needed in Algarve

With the Algarve receiving approximately 40,000 visitors in caravans per year, to cope with the demand and avoid the loss of custom in this area of tourism, several Algarve associations have decided that the development of additional caravanning facilities is necessary.

The Algarve Câmaras Association (AMAL) and the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of the Algarve (CCDR) plan to expand the availability of caravan sites throughout the region.

In a study conducted by the CCDR, it was revealed that the Algarve looses approximately eight million euro’s annually due to the lack of caravan sites that enables camper vans, motor homes and caravans to just set up camp freely, wherever they like, without costs.

President of AMAL, Macário Correia says that their aim is to “double the number of structures available with conditions apt for receiving motor homes.” Currently there are just over 12 sites set up along the Algarve that provide water outlets and sewage disposal services to caravanning tourists.

The increased number of facilities intends to prevent caravan visitors to the Algarve residing free of charge, and in turn increase revenues in the caravanning industry.

In the municipality of Alcoutim, eastern Algarve, a new park was inaugurated last week with hopes of boosting the local economy.

President of the Portuguese Campers Club (Clube Português de Autocaravanas), Rui Narciso, believes that the lack of facilities is most felt throughout the summer season in the Algarve and that those in charge of the parks must ensure that prices are kept “reasonable” in order to entice visitors.