More business in Vilamoura

Vilamoura’s old industrial zone will be the site of a new business development. Known as ‘Al Park’, the businesses are the result of a six-million euro investment from Garvetur, a firm specialising in real estate. The complex will have 50 commercial lots and will create 250 jobs.

The Vilamoura enterprise, one of Garvetur’s most important to date, coincides with the 20th anniversary of the firm’s business operations in the Algarve. The 6,000 square metre area will be home to various enterprises dealing in construction, decoration, communication, finance and tourism. There will also be an auditorium for conferences, complete with a restaurant and bar.

One of the motives guiding the three businessmen on the firm’s administrative committee – Reinaldo Teixeira, Honório Teixeira and Luís Martins – was the desire to revamp the town’s industrial zone, an area deemed to be run-down. They were also attracted by what they describe as, “the privileged location that affords easy access and excellent visibility for the businesses situated here”. A spokesperson from Garvetur said the investment at Al Park arose from, “the logic of improving services, growth and the modernisation of Garvetur and its associates”.

The company also envisages expanding its range of shops and services so that it embraces more areas in the Algarve and the rest of the country. The various business enterprises of Garvetur currently embrace real estate, sales, purchases, maintenance and management, as well as car hire and temporary work force management.