More bush whacking  by Judy Sharp

news: More bush whacking  by Judy Sharp

It may have escaped your notice (although I doubt it) that America goes to the polls early in November to elect a President. Will George W Bush win a second term, with an equally resounding victory as he had last time round? Or will John Kerry take over the mess and try to sort it out?

Whether we like it or not, what happens in America impacts on Europe – and even, to some extent, on Portugal. I went to a very interesting presentation a while ago, where one of the sessions focused on the impact of the US elections on financial markets. If I remember rightly, the economists’ view is that, if Kerry wins, the stock market will go down but long-term bonds will rise and, if Bush wins, the opposite is true. But, looking at the graphs of current performance, even the presenter had to say that nobody could really predict anything!

What was clear was that the US has a huge and growing deficit. That’s no surprise – look at how much Bush has spent invading Iraq. “Manufacturing has risen in US,” we were told. Again, that should not surprise anyone. Wasn’t that part of the whole rationale of the war – to create more business for the companies of Dick Cheney and his buddies? Of course manufacturing is up! The country is making bombs, tanks, aircraft, coffins…

Ray McGovern is a former CIA agent. He has 27 years of experience as a CIA analyst and has dealt with all US administrations, from Kennedy to Bush Senior. He is a member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPs). VIPs is made up of 40 or so former employees of various Government agencies, such as CIA, FBI, Defence Intelligence Agency and so on, who want to tell the public what is really going on.

He is outspoken in his criticism of the Iraq war and said in a recent interview: “I have initials for why I think we went to war in Iraq. The basics are as follow. O.I.L. O is for oil, I is for Israel and L is for logistics, as in when we have Iraq, we have a foothold and a number of bases strategically placed in the Middle East, so we can be in control over there and also to protect Israel.”Bush obviously wants to win the elections. The old story about weapons of mass destruction has worn thin. More and more Americans seriously doubt the propaganda story of the Twin Towers. Do you remember the other plane, the one that allegedly hit the Pentagon?

As someone said to me recently: “We have heard from relatives of those who died in the Twin Towers crashes, so how come we have never heard from relatives of those who died in the Pentagon crash?” For the same reason that the hole in the Pentagon was not aeroplane shaped but missile shaped, perhaps for the same reason that, even though a passenger plane apparently crashed into a building, not one piece of debris was found on the lawn outside the building.

So, there has to be a ‘something’ to boost Bush’s ratings… What could that be? The presentation of Public Enemy Number One, of course – Osama bin Laden. From what I am reading and piecing together, he will be wheeled out – dead or alive – at a strategic moment before the elections. Think back to when Saddam Hussein was arrested – you remember Saddam Hussein. He was found in a hole in the ground with so many inconsistencies that it was almost funny. There are rumours circulating around America – for those who want to listen – that bin Laden is already dead and his body is being kept on ice. Don’t laugh!

Back in 2003, a source close to the Bush family told radio talk-show host Alex Jones that bin Laden was already dead and was being kept on ice, to be wheeled out right before the elections. Madeleine Albright told Fox News that Bush already has bin Laden and is waiting to roll him out at a politically expedient moment – and she is not a lady given to quips or merriment on such matters!

Sheffield-based researcher Paul Joseph Watson describes how an English couple accidentally stumbled on what seems to have been bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan, and how it was being visited by ambassadors and politicians from various countries, guarded by US soldiers and so on. Yet, when they returned to the UK and tried to talk with Scotland Yard and the FBI, nobody wanted to know. The full article about this is at .

Whatever the outcome of the presidential elections, it’s too late. America’s reputation has been damaged beyond repair. Bush’s policy has had huge repercussions around the world, not only on the political stage, but also in terms of human suffering. The scale of lies and deception of the American people is unparalleled. The willingness to sacrifice human lives because of a hidden, higher agenda is appalling.

Whoever wins the election, whether stock markets go up or down, the losers are those who have been caught in the middle, the innocent people who were sent to war or who were killed in their homes. And that is very, very sad.