More animals are dying on our roads

Dear Editor,

I’am increasingly concerned about the growing number of dogs and cats left injured and dying on our roads. Only recently in Almancil, I picked up a dear little dog left writhing in pain in the middle of the road, not able to move due to bad head injuries. This was on a busy main road and, unfortunately, most people were not willing or able to help. Every day, lots of dogs and cats are paralysed and badly injured due to road accidents and often left to suffer in the blistering heat or, as recently, in the pouring rain.

We need to raise funds to offer both residents and tourists a place to take these injured animals, to have them cared for in the most appropriate way, treated by a qualified veterinary or put out of their misery.

The Algarve relies heavily on tourism, and holidaymakers do not want to see injured and dead animals left out on our roads. I know that some tourists will not return when they perceive a country to be indifferent to the welfare of animals.

Anyone who can help in any way, raise funds, make donations, help organise fundraising events, supply venues for events, no matter how insignificant – everything will be appreciated. Please help me to get this project up and running before the roads become busy during the summer months. Your help and ideas are very important. I look forward to hearing from you all. Thank you.

Susan Sykes, Loulé

Mobile: 914 146 198, e-mail [email protected]