More and more young Portuguese caught drink-driving

2017 looks like ending with the highest number of drink-driving arrests in young people for the last four years.

Brussels is seeking re-evaluation of the “minimum alcohol levels” currently allowed by law, suggesting “zero tolerance” could be the answer.

Say reports today, the policy of zero tolerance (no alcohol allowed, in any quantity in the blood) is already in place in Germany, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

MEPs’ concerns stem from the fact that 25% of all road deaths are still related to the consumption of alcohol.

They are not convinced that there is any advantage in fixing ‘minimum alcohol levels’ (in Portugal 0.5g/l for regular drivers, and 0.2g/l for those who only passed their driving test in the last two years), particularly as over the last few years, the number of young people caught over permitted levels has been rising.

Up to October 31 this year, 1108 youngsters had been caught over the legal limit behind the wheel.

Today’s stories on this subject give no details as to the number of road traffic fatalities or accidents in which young drivers may have been involved.

TSF radio states simply that if numbers continue to the end of the year, 2017 will be the “worst in the last four”.

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