Monte Gordo revamp project launched

Vila Real de Santo António (VRSA) Câmara has put to tender a 20 million euro project for the urban enhancement and tourist promotion of the seafront in Monte Gordo.

According to VRSA Câmara, the main aim of the project is to design and build an 800 space underground car park as well as commercial, leisure and recreational infrastructures such as shops, kiosks and restaurants.

Luís Gomes, mayor of VRSA, said: “This project aims to promote and revamp the urban areas of one of the best beaches in the Algarve. We want to attract more visitors and investors to this area, and this project is the starting point of an opportunity to market Monte Gordo as a quality tourism destination.”

He added: “This project is a response to the current economic crisis through the investment that it encompasses and the employment that it will create. We are sure that the crisis can only be defeated with large projects, and this is one of those.”