Money mules detained at Lisbon airport with €3 million in cash

Money ‘mules’ – in the form of three men and two women – have been detained at Lisbon airport “preparing to leave the country and the European continent” with bags stuffed with €3 million in cash.

Say reports, this is just “one of the phases of money-laundering, known as circulation”.

For now the nationalities of the men and women have been kept under wraps, as have their intended destinations (see update below).

A source for PJ judicial police said the money will have come from “multiple and various operations” of a criminal nature.

By transporting it out of the country in this way, those behind it will have been seeking to hide its provenance, ownership, and source, “making its detection impossible”.

The arrests were made by the national anti-corruption unit (UNCC).


Tabloid Correio da Manhã claims all mules are Chinese and their intended destinations were mainland China.

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