Money for Bombeiros

FOR THE second time within a month the so-called ‘mobile phone gang’ have attacked the Portugal Telecom (PT) shop in Albufeira and stolen over 30 mobile phones. According to eyewitnesses, the group of four or five men used a simple method to steal from the shop – they drove a stolen car into the shop window, grabbed everything they could and escaped within several minutes. “They used the same method as before,” said a police spokesman.

Investigators believe that the thieves are from Setúbal and travel to the Algarve specifically to steal. The gang stole a Honda Civic from Faro hours before the latest robbery, which Albufeira GNR officers later found abandoned by the roadside in Ferreiras. “The gang also took a Honda Civic last time, which they drove up to Setúbal and abandoned,” the spokesman explained. He added that despite the fact that there were eyewitnesses and a video security camera installed in the shop, it has so far proved impossible for police officers to identify the criminals.