Audrey Darnell

Monchique resident Audrey Darnell turns 100!

She is oldest member of Montinho community

Friends and family joined Audrey Darnell in Montinho, Caldas de Monchique, last Sunday, June 11, to celebrate her 100th birthday.

Audrey Darnell met her husband John while they were both studying at Cirencester Agricultural Academy in England. Shortly after they married, they went to Portugal in the early 1960s to manage a farm near Grândola in the Alentejo growing tomatoes for a well-known canning factory. They worked in very difficult circumstances with little or no electricity and minimal water for many years until the Revolution in 1974.

By this time, they had rented an apartment in Luz Bay and Audrey used to come down to the Algarve with her two Dalmatians for weekends.

After the Revolution, the owners sold the farm and John and Audrey moved to the Algarve and bought an unfinished property in Montinho at Caldas de Monchique.

They moved to the finished property in around 1979/80 and Audrey has lived in Montinho ever since. She is now the oldest member of the community!

She is due to receive a letter of congratulations from King Charles III.