Monchique rattled by 3.3 magnitude quake, just days after Évora’s ‘big one’

Just days after the largest onland quake in the last 20 years rattled neighbourhoods for a 300 km radius emanating from rug-making town Arraiolos (click here), Monchique has experienced a sizeable tremor of its own.

The 3.3 magnitude quake (Richter scale) came at 11.42 this morning, with its epicentre flagged at 10 kms northeast of the inland town.

Seismologists at IPMA, the Portuguese institute of Sea and Atmosphere, have posted a communiqué online saying that “according to information up till this moment”, the tremor occurring just 5kms underground did not cause any kind of harm or damage to people or property.

On the Mercalli scale the quake registered a III – far from the high numbers that implicate serious consequences.

“If the situation justifies, future communiqués will be posted”, said IPMA’s announcement.

Newspaper reporting on the incident have agreed that it was “nothing in comparison” to the 4.9 magnitude quake felt northwest of Évora last week – but a quick look at IPMA’s map for recent seismological activity shows that there was also a 2.8 magnitude quake out to sea off Cape St Vincent at 5.36 this morning, and two lesser quakes (both 1.9 magnitude) in the surrounding area the day before.

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