Photo: CMM

Monchique promotes bio-waste management strategy

As of January 27, the municipality will provide a thousand 7L buckets for domestic use,200 domestic composters and six community composters

As part of the “RecolhaBio – Support for implementing selective bio-waste collection” programme, Monchique’sCity Council has developed a strategy to manage the bio-waste produced in the municipality, considering demographic and geographic characteristics.

This strategy is based on the collection at origin and the production of compost, either through individual or community solutions.

The aim of this project is to “use locally produced bio-waste (domestic composting and community composting); provide a selective collection network for bio-waste; and produce compost locally, inducing community involvement”, says the municipality in a statement.

To this end, the municipality will provide, free of charge, one thousand 7L buckets for domestic use and 200 domestic composters, both upon registration. The equipment will be available at parish councils and municipal warehouses from January 27.

Registration can be done online (on the municipality’s website), in person (at parish councils or at the one-stop shop) or by calling 282 910 200.

In parallel, the municipality informs that six community composters will also be available, as of January 27 in Alferce (next to the sports center), Marmelete (in front of the home) and Monchique (S. Pedro, parking lot of the Municipal Market, Ceiceira and S. Roque).