“Monchique needs water” appeal from support group

Before Civil Protection gives the latest update on the country’s only remaining “major fire in progress”, an Algarve firefighter support group has sent out an appeal:

“Monchique needs water”, writes the Associação de Alerta do Incéndio Florestal. “We have 3 vehicles going to Portimão to drop off this morning. There is a collection point in Iceland, Guia, and all the places listed below .

“Please take as much as you can to help either to the drop off points , or Portimão or any Bomberios station.

“DO NOT GO DIRECT TO MONCHIQUE. Thank you for your help”

Drop off points for donations of food and water:

Direct Transport, Porches

ASMAA Charity Shop in Portimão: Rua José Pereira Sampaio Bruno, Nº53. (behind Bombeiros) (969 320 231)

ASMAA Office in Lagos: Rua Dr. Alberto Iria, Lote 12, R/C Esquerdo (Left), Tel: 282 182 103 (English only)

ASMAA’s Armazem Nº3 (Warehouse Nº3) – Barão de São João – the warehouse is 50 metres from Zoo de Lagos (direction Bensafrim, Barão de São João) on right – 100 metres from road (inland). Contact: Cat. on 969 766 622 to open it.

APAA charity shop , Dunas , Alvor

Bookworms Albufeira

Ibex Almacil

Paws 4 pets , Albufeira

Jimmi’s Bar, Burgau as drop off/storage

Bed Warehouse in Lagoa (also available out of hours )

Casa Velha Restaurant, Albufeira if it is between 6pm and 8pm, on the santa Eulalia road. Three Amigos bar opposite, The Old House is open from 1pm every day except sunday. Three amigos is open from 10am.

Noble estate Agents , Rua Da Liberdade no 79 S.B Messines (Noble Algarve Property) opposite the BPI bank tel. 918063979.

The Olive Branch Inn, Boicas, Portela, São Bartolomeu De Messines, tel 910 489 837

Restaurant Grissol, Estrada de santa eulalia, Albufeira ( in front of Minipreco supermarket )

MERRYLEGS Pet Hotel, SITIO ESTACAO LOULE (30.94 km), 8100-321 Loule 289 419 747

Other supplies needed for what will be onward transport to firefighters continue to be:

Bottles of water no bigger than 500ml
Energy drinks
tetra paks (fruit Juice)
Snack bars
energy bars
toiletries men and women
cotton socks , men and women , these do not have to be new old towels
burn creams
wet wipes
and also during a fire fruit, basically “HAND” food