Monchique fire fighters department directors resign

Ten months after taking office, the directors of the non-profit making association of the Monchique fire fighters have resigned.

The former president of the association José Furtado told the Algarve Resident: “The basis for this decision is the lack of support from official entities in the region.”

He added that the association was hoping that the region’s Civil Government would cooperate with them but that had not happened.

“We were willing to provide a good capable service to the community but without financial support that is not possible. We asked Civil Government for support but we did not receive any reply,” he said.

José Furtado also referred to the fact that Monchique fire fighters brigade has no other sources of income.

“Without the financial support from the region’s authorities, we cannot maintain a fully effective service for the citizens of this council. The collaboration that we asked for has not been possible for reasons that we don’t know, despite our ongoing reminders to the Civil Government,” he said.

Elections for new directors of the association will be scheduled soon.