Monchique creates new event to highlight local products

The hilltop town has disclosed its 2023 programme, promoting Monchique’s heritage, local products and rural experiences.

Monchique City Council has disclosed its annual events calendar. This year’s programme will include several new concepts that will become part of the municipality’s yearly agenda.

On May 27 and 28, “Vamos à vila” (Let’s go to town) will be the year’s first event. The initiative is a new concept, which will incorporate the famous Feira dos Enchidos (Sausage Fair), typically held in March.

According to the municipality, this change comes as a result of the fair’s “elevated equipment costs, namely the rental of tents, platforms and other inherent elements”. It also comes at a time when the concept needed to be rejuvenated and needed new dynamics.

The main objective for this new format is to highlight the “genuineness associated with local products, letting them speak for themselves, and enhance rural experiences”, points out the municipality spokesperson.

“Vamos à vila” is also an opportunity for everyone to share their knowledge and the flavours of mountains, with Monchique’s heritage identity being the main highlight.


This «Exhibition of flavours and knowledge – Traditional sausages and local products» is now the first major event on the annual calendar, followed by the «Nights at the Mirante» in August, the «Walking Festival» and the «Monchique Christmas» in December.

For Monchique’s municipality, these events have «the premise of highlighting what distinguishes Monchique. They provide a varied offer, with local products, knowledge, particularities of the municipality, nature tourism, pedestrian routes and the landscape as the basis of this offer».

The municipality’s programme also highlights celebratory and essential dates throughout the year. It aims to promote other initiatives, offering a continuous cultural agenda beyond significant dates.

For example, the Galeria de Santo António is featuring exhibitions until the end of the year. This shows “the commitment to boost a cultural venue of excellence that was underused», adds the municipality

Young ones will also be part of the programme, as the municipality reveals children and young people who do not have access to culture will be another priority.