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Modern take on ancient craft

Artist Hilary Mee is a genius with Papier Mâché. She is currently exhibiting a selection of collectable curios, fantastical clocks, mirrors and witty ornaments at Galeria Côrte-Real in Paderne.

Skilfully creating decorative three-dimensional objects made from fragments of torn paper mixed with glue, she is following an ancient craft developed in 2nd century China shortly after paper was invented.

Light in weight but strong in structure, in Europe during the 19th century Papier Mâché was mass produced and used in the manufacture of elegant, lacquered furniture. Reaching its artistic crescendo in France, craftsmen moulded the material to imitate intricate stucco and plasterwork.

Equally adept at handling Papier Mâché, Hilary’s distinctive pieces embody her creative brilliance. Including surreal, theatrical and comic themes, she decorates each handmade item with a variety of medias using vibrant colours.

Since opening her studio in Hereford in 1990, she has been commissioned to produce items for film sets and a special collection that was shown alongside an exhibition of Matisse paintings. This is the first time her work has been seen in Portugal. C.K.

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