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Modern in style but traditional in service

MODERN IN design and image but traditional and personal with clients is a perfect definition of Sofá Vip’s commercial strategy.

The company, whose success is attributed to the quality of their European products, was created in 2000 and already has five stores thanks to a carefully considered expansion strategy designed to meet clients’ demand, said Lúcio Ricardo, financial director of Sofá Vip.

Based in Loulé, where the group’s headquarter has been since day one, Sofá Vip has stores in Lagoa, Albufeira, Olhão and Évora, in the northern Alentejo.

Expansion plans underway include the opening of new stores in Lisbon and Alentejo in 2008 and the conclusion of the redecoration plan underway currently in the existing stores. After that, expansion will go further north so that the brand Sofá Vip covers all the country.

The company’s core business is focusing more and more on the sofa product, although other elements for the home can be found, like dinner and coffee tables as well as beds, mattresses and carpets.

All sofas can be provided in different types of fabrics and leather, with colours to suit all clients.

The company has also developed a new advisory service with the help of a professional decorator, who helps clients when they are not sure about the right options for their homes.

This same principle led the company to develop a collection service for old sofas when delivering the new ones. The concept was first tested with success in the Évora shop.

Travelling towards the 22nd century is the challenge for Sofá Vip and the company believes it has the right team and the best product to get there.

Sofá Vip headquarters is based in Loulé near the Lidl shop. Any contacts can be done through the help line 808201442 or the land line 289 417 254. You can also visit the company’s website:, but be aware the information in it is only in Portuguese. All shops are equipped with a children area for a more relaxed shopping.

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