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Mobile dog grooming business expands

Experienced dog groomer Sue Ogden has joined forces with Alison Castanheira, owner of Dapperdogs, in Lagos to expand the business to the Portimão and Lagoa areas of the Algarve.

Before her arrival to the Algarve in August with her husband Ian Nuttal and 20-year-old Lurcher Jack, Sue contacted Alison to enquire about the possible expansion of Dapperdogs.

“The idea is for the groomer to come to the owner’s home, a place where the dog will feel a lot more relaxed,” said Sue.

Since moving to the Algarve, Sue, Ian and Jack have already started getting themselves known in the community.

“We attended this year’s Scruffts dog show, where Jack won the Veteran class and he had his photo taken with the mayor of Lagoa. It was a very proud day!

“We were also there to promote the launch of the Portimão branch of Dapperdogs.”

Sue had lots of experience in dog grooming in England before moving to the Algarve. She trained in the Iate 1970s at Bellmead Kennels, now known as Battersea Dogs Home.

Sue also attended a full-time residential college and studied all aspects of canine and feline care including breeding, grooming, nursing, kennel management and animal psychology.

“I ran my own mobile grooming service for more than five years in England and I had a very good reputation for being able to make the nervous and timid dogs and cats feel calm and relaxed.

“I am also keen to help animal charities to fund raise and bring the plights of the less fortunate animals to the public eye.”

Canine hydrotherapy

Sue has also shown many breeds at dog shows, including English Setters, Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds.

The dog lover has also been involved in alternative therapy for animals and her eventual plan is to open a hydrotherapy centre for dogs in the Algarve.

Sue became interested in hydrotherapy after using the treatment on her Golden Retriever who had hip dysplasia in both hips.

The vets wanted the dog to have two hip replacements but Sue chose the alternative route. After six months of hydrotherapy treatment, an X-ray showed her hips were sound and no surgery was needed.

“Hydrotherapy can provide an ideal treatment for dogs who have had surgery, as it is non-weight bearing and, as such, the muscles can be built up to provide stability to otherwise weak limbs.”

For more details about Dapperdogs for the Portimão and Lagoa area, please call Sue on 910 851 140 and for the Lagos area please call Alison on 918 663 352.