Mixed feelings as PJ moves into swanky new HQ

There were mixed feelings when Prime Minister Passos Coelho opened the Polícia Judiciária’s massive new ‘home’ in Lisbon today.
The gigantic structure that cost €87 million to build and covers 80,000sqm both above and below ground will operate with “many rooms completely empty”, claims Público newspaper, due to cuts to the PJ’s budget.
Not only that, IT equipment that unions claim is “obsolete” will be moved into the building, as there simply isn’t the money available for upgrades.
Adding that this year’s total PJ budget at €94.3 million is €9.4 million less than last year’s, Público writes that these were all reasons why “the party” was not one of “happy faces”, as staff members have suffered large salary cuts.
On the positive side though, the new space, which includes a helipad, will see units scattered over seven buildings in Lisbon all brought together under one roof “allowing for an annual saving (in rent) of €2.4 million”.
Over 1,500 staff are expected to work in the futuristic building, and many of these are busily packing up their offices in order to move within the next few days.
Intriguingly, a lot of the moving will be done by the officers themselves, writes Público, as this is the only way they can secure the transfer of sensitive files and objects, like confiscated weapons.