Mistresses of art

Work from 20 international and local artists will be celebrated in the latest exhibition at the Galeria Corte-Real in Paderne, which opens on August 14.

The Women’s Collective Exhibition of Contemporary Art will showcase the achievements of women in a field that was once dominated entirely by men but is now well represented by women in all genres.

The new exhibition is an attempt by the gallery to redress the balance of prejudice within the art world historically, and depicts the world as seen exclusively through the eyes of women.

Artists to be featured at the exhibition are Ali Cavanagh, Alma van Wildemburg, Alphonsine Charpontier, Antonia Williams, Colleen Hammond, Elsa Zorkow, Florence Clayette, Gill Campbell, Isabell Zutter, Jan Johnson, Jane Skingley, Svetlana Kurmaz, Jeanine LeClair, Meinke Flesseman, Jessica Dunn, Monique Delapaire, Paula Will, Rebecca Scott, Sally Stafford, Sarah Duncan and Suzanne Roles.

During the opening weekend of August 14 and 15 there will be a charge of two Euros per person for admission with money collected being donated to the MamaMaratona women’s charity.

Also on the opening weekend there will be a selection of women´s books provided by the Griffin Bookshop while wine tastings and smoked salmon on soda bread will be available for guests.

The gallery is open between 11am and 5pm from Thursday to Sunday.

For further information about the gallery, or the exhibition, please call 918 980 799 or 912 737 762.