Mist system at the ready for Sunday’s heat during World Youth Day

A misting system that can be activated in case of need during Mass, and extra water, are measures announced today to help World Youth Day (WYD) pilgrims cope with the rising heat. At a press conference, Mário Silvestre, one of the operations deputies of the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC), said that there would be “a system ready to mist” the area where the mass takes place in Parque Tejo on Sunday, “if necessary”. “This is equipment that will allow us, even with the help of the wind, to mist a certain area and, with that, try, in some way, to give some more feeling of refreshment to the pilgrims”, he explained. The system is an adaptation of a device used for firefighting. “The water is pressurised at high pressure inside this device and comes out with microparticles, that is, like fog”.