“Missing since Tuesday”: parents of 16-year-old “in constant touch with police”

The parents of 16-year-old missing schoolboy Hugo Oliveira are at their wits’ end, unable to sleep as they desperately wait for news that he has been found safe and well.

“I just want him back so that I can hug him”, father Paulo has told reporters.

11th-year pupil Hugo went missing on Tuesday afternoon. He was last seen by friends in a shopping centre in Maia during the school lunch-break, but appears to have been feeling unwell and said he would take the afternoon off.

Jornal de Notícias claims Hugo was last seen waiting for a bus, whereas other reports suggest no-one can be sure of having seen him since he left the shopping centre.

Aside from a five-minute period on Tuesday evening when his ‘mobile data’ appears to have been actioned, there has been no activity on Hugo’s cell phone, either.

An official PSP notice on the boy’s disappearance describes how he was wearing blue jeans, a black top, Adidas Superstar trainers with a black and white stripe and carrying a school-type rucksack on Tuesday.

His parents who are clearly desperate are described as waiting by the phone in their home in nearby Gueifães.

Anyone with any news at all on this young man’s whereabouts is asked to call Maia PSP police on 22 947 96 90, or contact his family directly: father – 91 056 3597, sister – 91 075 7021.

National tabloid Correio da Manhã says the family believe the disappearance “could be connected to a disagreement the youngster had with his girlfriend on Friday”, though the girl herself has said everything was fine.

Hugo is described as an excellent student, who was studying for his exams. Classmates and teachers alike share the family’s concerns, to the point that a test scheduled for this week has been cancelled, said CM.

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