Missing masterpieces: 62 ‘discovered’, 94 still AWOL

Missing masterpieces: 62 ‘discovered’, 94 still AWOL

The tortuous tracking of 170 missing works of (State-owned) art has so far recovered 62 pieces – meaning there are ‘only 94 left to go’.

Explain reports, the Culture ministry has called for the help of criminal investigators, as it recognises it can’t do this on its own.

The recovered works were found in storage, having been ‘badly classified’. At least half the missing 94 have been ‘lost’ since the 90s.

Expresso broke the story of Portugal’s missing art works last summer (click here).

RTP then explained that 1,300 paintings and sculptures bought with public money have never actually been exhibited.

Meantime, the State this week has signed an agreement to buy another 196 works, previously owned by BPN bank (which collapsed in a major corruption scandal).

Among BPN’s trove are works by celebrated Portuguese artists, including Paula Rego, Vieira da Silva, Eduardo Batarda, Helena Almeida and Pedro Calapez.