Missing Martim found “safe and well” 1km from home

News just coming in is that two-year-old Martim Silva has been found,safe and well, 1 km away from the spot where he went missing 24-hours ago.

Details of what has been happening to him in the intervening time may emerge over the next few hours, but for now all that ‘matters’ from the family’s point of view, is that the child is back in safe hands.

According to a report on SIC TV, Martim was found crying, “cold, wet and dirty”. From this authorities have concluded that he spent the night “na rua” (outside).

This is reminiscent of theories shortly after another missing tot was found ‘safe and well’ after vanishing in Madeira two years ago – though investigations subsequently revealed that the boy had been cared for during his ‘absence’, and only left alone in an isolated spot near home a short while before he was discovered.

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PHOTO CAPTION: The magic moment when GNR agents realised their search was over. Martim, safe and snug in one of the men’s arms takes part in possibly his first GNR selfie.

Said the GNR on their Facebook page: “It is with enormous satisfaction that we share the moment in which we found Martim. Martim is safe and well and on his way back to his family”