Missing Maëlys: “radar recorded white shape in passenger seat of suspect’s car”

Almost two months since the disappearance of nine-year-old Maëlys de Araújo – whose father is the son of Portuguese emigrés to France – evidence has suddenly appeared reinforcing the prosecution’s suspicions of the man they already have in custody.

According to reports in the French press, Nordahl Lelandais’ Audi car was photographed by CCTV cameras at around 3am on Sunday August 27 – almost exactly the time Maëlys parents say they realised she was missing.

In the front passenger seat there appears to be “a white shape”.

The photograph is very blurred, say reports. It has not even managed to confirm that the driver at the wheel is indeed Lelandais.

The “white shape” is simply that, despite “techniques of verification”. But what does seem telling is the colour. Maëlys was wearing white when she disappeared.

This harrowing investigation has received little publicity outside of France.

Last month, the missing girl’s parents made an emotional appeal to Lelandais to “say what he knows”, but up till now the former soldier has continued to maintain his innocence even though many aspects of his account to police are said “not to add up” (click here).

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