A photo from much better days: Harry loved water and was a surf enthusiast

Missing Harry and his beloved dog found dead

No evidence of crime, says GNR source

The worst possible outcome. This is the only way to describe the discovery this morning of the bodies of missing 22-year-old Harry Bradley and his seven-month-old dog Nim.

The pair were found by all accounts in a well in São Bartolomeu de Messines. They had last been seen on Wednesday March 16.

Harry’s family are too upset to give any kind of statement, but it was clear when they contacted newspapers earlier this week that Harry had gone missing while he was in a depressed state.

The discovery of the bodies followed the sighting of Harry’s Berlingo van yesterday, parked in a nearby field.

Firefighters, police and sniffer dogs mounted a search this morning. It did not take long to come to its tragic conclusion.

A source for the GNR has said there is “no evidence of crime” in Harry’s death. An autopsy will now have to be performed, to establish exactly what caused it.

In the meantime, a psychologist from Albufeira municipality was said to be with recovery teams at the site, almost certainly to give support to Harry’s family.

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