Missing child drama ends with “tears of joy”

A four-hour drama ended with “tears of joy” after a three-year-old boy went missing on Saturday (June 22) but was found “tired but well” less than a kilometre away from where he had disappeared in Carvalhal de Baixo, Ourém.

National tabloid Correio da Manhã says the boy was with his father, who was mowing grass on a patch of agricultural land, when he went looking for his grandmother and got lost.

GNR police and local firefighters were called and found the boy four hours later (00.30am) on the balcony of an uninhabited house.

“His parents’ house has a similar balcony and he climbed the stairs thinking he was at home. As he got tired, he stayed there until someone came to get him,” local fire commander Guilherme Isidro told CM.

The tabloid adds that the boy’s parents “cried tears of joy” when they were reunited with the child.

The search involved around 50 firefighters as well as GNR agents.

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