Missing Brit inquiry cites friend for negligent homicide

As searches continue for the missing 32-year-old Brit who fell off a boat in the Tejo on Saturday afternoon, national press reports suggest the man was pushed and that a friend has already been cited for negligent homicide.

The incident happened during a stag party cruise that had just got underway in Lisbon.

Ports commander Malaquias Domingues has told reporters that the friend has admitted to having pushed the missing man from the deck, during “a situation of revelry on board”, but that for the time being at least there is no evidence of excessive consumption of alcohol being a contributory factor.

Air and sea searches throughout the weekend were fruitless, and today authorities will be resuming operations on and offshore near Algés/ Oeiras.

So far, the missing man has not been named.

He was staying at a Lisbon hotel, writes the UK Daily Mirror – with the other men on board, 11 Brits and one Australian.

The paper added that as soon as the man fell into the water, he disappeared.

The area is known for its strong currents, adds the Mirror.

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