Much too young to be working; much too young to be deprived of his school friends and an education. Jayden is just 14, and in the company of his father, who is refusing all entreaties to return the child home

Missing 14-year-old “working as plasterer’s mate” in central Portugal

Mother begs Portuguese and expat foreigners to keep ‘eye out’

No matter how many requests for information on her missing son have been sent out, British mum Rebecca Jones continues to wait for that ‘nugget’ of information that will lead her to 14-year-old Jayden, whose surname is that of his father Andrew Pearson, who is refusing all entreaties to return him home.

After various ‘sightings’ in Alcobaça/ Nazaré/ Castelo Branco, Rebecca has deduced that Andrew “is trying to volunteer in off grid areas, with the background of being a plasterer”. 

She has heard that Jayden, who only recently celebrated his 14th birthday, is working with him.

If this is the case, Jayden technically is being exploited: the minimum working age in Portugal is 16 – while schooling is mandatory until the age of 18.

Jayden hasn’t been in school since 2022 (when he was still 13) – so anyone benefiting from work he is doing with his father will be in a difficult legal position.

As far as Rebecca Jones is concerned, she “just wants Jayden home”. The 35-year-old spends much of her time pushing for publicity of this case, as any mother would.

For more details on this tragic case where relationship breakdown appears to be ruining the chances of young Jayden’s education, click here, where contact details etc can be found.

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