Miss Hitler 2019 contest – organised by Portuguese

Portuguese ‘revisionist’ João Branco is the organiser – or certainly one of the organisers – of this year’s Miss Hitler 2019 contest.

Dubbed by Expresso as a ‘beauty contest’, it asks candidates to send in three photographs, choose a nickname for themselves and ‘write a few words’.

It’s not immediately clear what the words should be about, though Jornal de Notícias seems to believe the event is designed to find who has ‘the best Nazi salute’ and how candidates can ‘express their love for the Third Reich’.

Promoted via VK, Russia’s equivalent of Facebook, Miss Hitler 2019 runs until August 8.

By September 1, aspirant Miss Hitler’s are informed that the winner/ s will be announced.

Scrolling through the VK site, the contest appears to be about ‘promoting Hitlerian culture’.

Says Expresso, the contest was ‘taken down’ last year, but it is back again, and appears to have been running since at least 2016.

Publicity has been uploaded in multiple languages, including Swedish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.

As for João Branco, this may be the first year he has been ‘involved’.

He has described himself to Expresso as a ‘revisionist’ but other media sources opt for ‘neo Nazi’.

Branco is believed to live in Lisbon, and be 40-years-old.

In his interview with Expresso, he explained that candidates ‘don’t call for the death of anyone’.

The contest is “for women all over the world to value their origins and love for their own people”.

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