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Miracles of Life


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MIRACLES OF Life by JG Ballard is out in hardcover at 22.50 euros.

Beginning with his early childhood in pre-war Shanghai, Ballard charts the course of his remarkable life in this book.

He describes the Lunghua Japanese concentration camp, where he spent most of WWII, and his return to a Britain physically and psychologically crippled by war.

He explores his subsequent involvement in the dramatic social changes of the 1960s and the adjustments to life following the premature death of his wife.

Ballard was born in 1930 in Shanghai, China, where his father was a businessman. After the attack on Pearl Harbour, Ballard and his family were placed in Lunghua.

They returned to England in 1946 and after two years at Cambridge, where he read medicine, Ballard worked as a copywriter and a porter before going to Canada with the RAF.

In 1956, his first short story was published in New Worlds and his first novel, The Drowned World, was written in 1961. His bestsellers have included The Kindness of Women and Empire of the Sun.