It may look like 'any old seaweed', but this macroalgae found near Peniche promises potential 'miracles': Image: Filipa Pinto

Miracle seaweed discovered in Peniche

Slows skin’s aging – request for patent already approved

A team of investigators at MARE – the centre for sciences of the sea and environment at Leiria Polytechnic – has discovered a form of ‘macroalgae’ (commom name seaweed, in this case of the Fucus genus) which can slow the skin’s aging process.

Harvested from the coast near Peniche, it has been found to be ‘rich in phenolic compounds with high antioxidant, photoprotective and anti-inflammatory capacity in skin cell lines’.

The plan now is to combine this wonder weed with “different solvents allowed in the cosmetic industry” to create anti-aging cosmetics.

To this end the all-Portuguese team has put in a request to patent their discovery – already approved by the national institute for industrial property – and is getting ready for ‘human trials’ with volunteers.

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