“Miracle baby” born one day early

Miracle baby Salvador – growing inside a mother who died last Christmas and has been kept artificially alive (click here) – was born in the early hours of this morning, a day ahead of schedule.

“Medical complications” were given as the reason for pre-empting the birth schedule.

The newborn is now receiving round-the-clock attention in the neo-natal unit of Porto’s São João hospital.

Weighing just 1.7 kilos, Salvador will need the kind of care required by any premature baby, said doctors, albeit that his case is “special”.

His mother, an accomplished canoeist, died following an asthma attack.

Say reports, the family will now be free to go ahead with her funeral.

Salvador is the second Portuguese baby to have been successfully born to a mother kept artificially alive.

The first developed for a total of 107 days inside his dead mother and is reported to be “a healthy child who delights everyone”.

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