Vida Bar

Ministry shuts bars where there have been murders

Closure could remain in place for six months

Three bars – in Albufeira, Almada and Porto – have been shut by order of the Ministry of Internal Administration following recent attacks in and outside them that have left two people dead. 

The order delivered “as an urgent precautionary measure” will remain in effect for a maximum period of six months, says Correio da Manhã.

It will be up to local police and the municipal authorities to ensure “conditions of safety” that they consider merit reopening.

At issue is Club Vida, in Albufeira, where 19-year-old Núria Gomes was knifed to death last weekend.

A 21-year-old woman has been remanded in custody charged with the killing.

Kady’s Bar, in Monte Caparica, Almada, is the second establishment closed, after three men were shot in the early hours of last Sunday morning, one of whom later died in hospital. So far, the perpetrator/s have not been located.

The third bar closed is After Porto, in Porto, where there have been ‘shootouts and fights’, adds CM.

As the closure orders were issued, another two people were shot outside a Lisbon nightspot in the early hours of this morning. According to reports, both have been transported to hospital; neither in a life-threatening condition.

Says SIC  television news: “At the present time it has not been possible (for police) to detect any suspect/s”.

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