Ministers approve new CHUA hospital system

The Algarve’s new hospital management system (CHUA) was approved last week by the Council of Ministers.

Now it only needs to be published in the state newspaper Diário da República to effectively be implemented.

“This should not take longer than a maximum of two weeks,” Algarve health boss Paulo Morgado told newspapers.

The new Algarve University Hospital Centre will feature four units, two of which were part of the previous system: Faro hospital, and the Portimão and Lagos hospitals. The new units to integrate the system are the São Brás physiotherapy centre (CMRS) and the University of the Algarve.

It hopes to fix the perennial issues that haunt the Algarve’s public health services, most seriously the region’s chronic lack of health professionals.

Prime Minister António Costa said at the inauguration of Faro Airport’s new terminal building last week that the new system would be implemented before the end of July.

Costa believes the new system will allow “health professionals to find not only an opportunity for further training but mostly to value their careers”.