Minister opens new school

news: Minister opens new school

A NEW crèche and kindergarten, at the extended Escola Básica Manuel Cabanas in Vila Nova de Cacela (Vila Real de Santo António), were officially unveiled this month by the Minister for Education, Maria de Lurdes Rodrigues.

During the ceremony, the parents of the 18 children, currently studying at the small primary school of Manta Rota, were delighted to be told that their sons and daughters will now be given the right to study at the newly extended school in Vila Nova de Cacela.

The new crèche and kindergarten were the result of the enlargement and adaptation of the primary school and its canteen, which made available an area of 554sqm. This new facility will support the educational needs of children from three months to six years, realising the dreams of the local people from a parish that is rural and a distance from the capital of the borough.

Meanwhile, the Escola Básica Manuel Cabanas, constructed in the middle of the last century, has had its classroom capacity increased from two to four. These projects represent an investment of around 400,000 euros on the part of Vila Real de Santo António Câmara.