Minister of Economy in London “promoting Portugal”

Minister of the Economy Manuel Caldeira Cabral was due in London this week to promote Portugal as an investment opportunity.

Due to the devastating fires, and period of national mourning however, the schedule was cut short.

Caldeira Cabral will only be arriving in London on Friday, when he will be focusing attention on attracting new foreign investment and growing tech and start-up companies.

Industry secretary Ana Lehman will also be present, though her bid to promote investment opportunities for small- and medium-sized businesses will be reduced by the shortened schedule.

As international news services explain that the government is facing a motion of no-confidence over its handling of the fires, Portugal will be trying to show itself as the ‘new kid on the block’ when it comes to opportunity and good sense.

Business leaders will be aiming to take advantage of Brexit confusion to fly Lisbon’s flag as a “service centre for Europe and the Atlantic”, while accountancy giant KPMG will be discussing the small-print of the proposed State Budget and what it could mean for future investors.

Writes Dinheiro Vivo, the event in UK comes ahead of the new Web Summit, due to take place once again in Lisbon, this time between November 6-9.

According to the financial news website, “thousands of tech companies from all over the world” are expected.

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