Minister insists drivers are “saving millions” on tolls

Despite being called an “embarrassment” by anti-toll protestors in the Algarve (click here), Portuguese minister Pedro Marques continues to insist that a lot of money is being saved by drivers since the government cut toll prices by 15% on five national motorways.

After defending that the toll reduction saved drivers “several thousands of euros” in the Algarve, he has now said that “over €2.3 million has been saved” at a national level.

“It was said that the discount was insignificant, but it has allowed drivers to save over €2.3 million,” the minister said at Wednesday’s parliamentary committee for economy and public works, cited by Lusa news agency.

He added that the price reduction is expected to save drivers “around €13 million per year”.

The 15% discount was implemented August 1 on the Algarve’s A22 motorway, as well as the A4, A23, A24 and A25 highways in the centre/north of the country.

But while the minister seems very pleased about the measure, anti-toll groups in the Algarve continue to claim the only suitable solution is to completely ban the tolls.

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