João Galamba. Image: MIGUEL A. LOPES/LUSA

Minister backs “seriousness of airport assessment team”

At a point where questions have been raised over the impartiality of experts on the Independent Technical Commission tasked with judging the best location for Lisbon’s second airport, minister for infrastructures João Galamba has found himself “denying conflict of interest” when it comes to the commission’s coordinator Rosário Partidário. Ms Partidário was however on a team of experts in 2008 which suggested Alcochete was the best place for the overspill airport. According to Mr Galamba, “Ms Partidário did the study that was asked of her comparing two alternatives”. Now, 15 years later, she heads a multidisciplinary team (considering a much wider range of options) whose technical competence is not questioned by anyone, and whose composition was not indicated by political power”, he told reporters.