Minimum wage could be increased to 400 euros

THE MINIMUM wage in Portugal should be increased to 400 euros per month in 2006, demands workers union Confederação Geral dos Trabalhadores Portugueses (CGTP).

Secretary General Carvalho da Silva points out that this amount is based on consumer purchasing power of 2003 and does not take into consideration the recent IVA increase to 21 per cent, which is taking its toll on the family budget.

Carvalho da Silva believes the increase is justifiable and possible. “To increase the minimum wage to 400 euros signifies an increase of 25 euros, or 82 cents per day. We can’t say that this is not possible,” he demands.

Due to forecasted inflation and registered consumer purchasing power of the last few years, the increase should be 5.5 per cent, but this value only relates to the buying power recorded three years ago, Carvalho da Silva told reporters.