Minimum salary down in real terms

THE MINIMUM salary in Portugal, 450 euros per month, has already lost almost 100 euros in real terms against richer European countries such as Luxemburg, Ireland, Holland and the United Kingdom.

It now stands at 96.63 euros below what it should be in order to be 60 per cent of the average salary in the country.

The situation has been highlighted in a document from the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, which shows that the minimum salary actually stands at 50 per cent of the average salary.

According to the document, the average monthly salary stands at 804.22 Euros, which means that the national minimum salary should be 482.53, it is actually 385.90.

Compared to the rest of Europe, Portugal is in the middle of a league table of minimum salaries compiled using Eurostat data.

The country is ahead of Turkey (331), Czech Republic (261), Hungary (247), Poland (234), Estonia (192), Romania (90) and Bulgaria (82), but is behind Luxemburg (1,503), Ireland (1,293), Holland (1,273), Belgium (1,234), France (1,218), Greece (668), Spain (631), Malta (580) and Slovenia (512).