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Mini Stars Photographic Competition

A TOTAL of 126 children took part in The Resident’s first ever Mini Stars photographic competition at the Continente shopping centre in Portimão on Sunday, May 18.

Children from five months to 12 years old all put on their best clothes and biggest smiles for photographer Ruben Gravanita, all hoping to win some of the fantastic prizes on offer, including free entries to Zoomarine and Imaginarium vouchers.

Entries to all four categories for this year’s competition can be seen in this five-page special. The four categories are ages zero to 18 months, 19 months to three years, four to five years and a spring themed category for ages up to 12.

The winners of all four categories will be announced in next week’s edition of The Resident, June 13, so look out for the brightest stars!

For further information about the competition, please call The Resident office on 282 342 936. If your child was entered into the competition and you would like information about purchasing photographs, please contact Foto Gravanita on 282 352 618 or email