Milk project surpasses 20,000 litre milestone

news: Milk project surpasses 20,000 litre milestone

Only a few months after receiving their charter in 2008, Rotary Club Estoi Palace International began a first community project in the Estoi Parish funding, purchasing and distributing a milk supplement to the monthly food parcels received from the Banco Alimentar (Food Bank).

When the programme began, there were 45 families (118 people) vetted to participate in the Estoi Casa do Povo area; that number has now grown to 72 families (173 people). The majority of that increase has come from the adult population, with many more single adult households and more elderly couples.

As the numbers of needy in the community has increased, Estoi Palace Rotary’s milk contribution has kept pace. The delivery made last month was 498 litres – 2 litres for each adult and 6 litres for each child.

A total of more than 20,000 litres of milk have now been supplied since the programme was initiated in July 2009. With an annual budget of €3,000, the Rotary Club is determined to continue its support.

The ongoing commitment has largely been funded by biannual quiz nights. Club members watch retail milk prices closely and hoard vouchers to keep the cost under control. There is also a donation box at club meetings for visitors who care to donate. As the economic slump continues, the club plans to continue this programme for the foreseeable future.

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