Migrants intercepted on beach in Aljezur

SIC television news reported early this morning that two men, believed to be illegal ‘migrants’, had been ‘intercepted’ on Praia do Amado, in Aljezur. This has since been increased to five men. It is not clear whether they were intercepted after ‘arriving by boat’ for the purposes of illegal migration or for the ‘unloading of drugs’.

SIC reports the men, all of which were without any form of personal identification, are believed to be ‘part of a group that fled approach by GNR police’.

Rádio Renascença reports the men were initlally spotted by a fishermen at 6am this morning, arriving at Amado beach in a semi-rigid boat with three engines.

Their nationality is still unexplained.

The men in police custody were part of a group of around 12-15, says RR. The others are still at large.