Microsoft to hire 250 this year

Computer giant Microsoft wants to keep growing in Portugal, and has said it plans on hiring 250 workers by the end of 2015.

Speaking to Jornal de Negócios, the general director of Microsoft Portugal João Couto said the company is looking for people to work in its support centre for Cloud computing.

The initial plan was to hire 200 workers by the end of this year – following a deal signed last October with AICEP, Portugal’s global trade and investment agency – but now the company wants to take on more.

Once it has reached its goal, the aim is to start establishing “partnerships with public and private entities” in Portugal.

“We will be investing very strongly in the areas of education, social solidarity and job creation,” said Couto.

Part of Microsoft’s strategy is to reach a 15% market share of smartphones in Portugal, he added. As Jornal de Negócios points out, Microsoft will soon launch its own smartphones after taking over Finnish mobile phone company Nokia last year.

“We want to reach a 25% market share,” explained Couto, adding that “it won’t be easy because our competitors are very dynamic.”