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Michelin starred meals go down a treat

Last weekend the Vila Joya restaurant near Albufeira saw world-leading chefs gather for the third prestigious food festival, Route of the Stars (Rota das Estrelas).

Exclusive meals, prepared from Chef Dieter Koschina’s kitchen, were cooked by Michelin starred chefs Hans Neuner (Ocean), Jacob Jan Boerma (DeLeest), Ricardo Costa (Yeatman), Silvio Nickol (Palais Coburg), and Vítor Matos (Largo do Paço).

A pre-set menu, costing €195 per person, excluding the wine menu of Dirk Niepoort wines which were served separately, allowed diners to enjoy exquisite dishes such as Toro tuna, mussel carpaccio and gazpacho sorbet, plus many more, during the two-day gastronomic event.

Other culinary creations on the menu included Gillardeau oysters, celery ravioli, champagne and chive sauce, caviar, Asian style crawfish, white grouper, stuffed squid, Atlantic lobster, Agnelotti carbonara, and ‘Alentejo’ pork. The dessert course offered guests Basmati rice pudding with mango and passion fruit sorbet, Guanaja chocolate textures and raspberry with pain d’épice, a loaf-like savoury.

The delicious menus were concluded with green tea, vintage 2009 Bioma wine and 30-year-old tawny port.

Vila Joya restaurant received its first Michelin star in 1994 and the second in 1998.