Henrique Sá Pessoa and Rui Silvestre
Henrique Sá Pessoa and Rui Silvestre

Michelin chefs prepare two special dinners at Vistas

Rui Silvestre, the Michelin-starred chef of Vistas at the Monte Rei Resort Golf & Country Club in Vila Nova de Cacela, will be cooking alongside two Michelin-starred chef Henrique Sá Pessoa on July 18 and 19.

Each night, dinner will be served at an imperial table, with a limited number of 20 guests, providing an “intimate and personalised experience”.

Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa, who has become one of Portugal’s most revered chefs for his work at Alma restaurant in Lisbon, will be presenting dishes that pay homage to tuna, hake, and haddock, with flavours that combine traditional Portuguese cuisine with influences from his travels, especially in Asia. Meanwhile, chef Rui Silvestre will be serving dishes featuring razor clams, oysters, and clams.

The menu, costing €250 per person, consists of nine courses, divided into three appetizers, four main dishes, and two desserts, accompanied by wine pairing.

Vistas Rui Silvestre_Monte Rei Golf & Country Club

“Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa has been doing an incredible job both in our country and abroad, promoting our gastronomy. Therefore, he is the ideal person to celebrate the reopening of Vistas,” says Rui Silvestre.

Henrique Sá Pessoa added: “I am very excited to be at Vistas alongside Rui Silvestre, who has been doing remarkable work at the restaurant.

“The challenge of creating a menu based on our most emblematic dishes with a focus on fish, a product that characterizes the Algarve region and our country so well, is certainly very appealing and aligns with my work and values, which mainly revolve around showcasing the best of what Portugal produces,” he adds.

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