Michael Lynn delays court proceedings

VIDEO EVIDENCE that was due to be given by rogue lawyer Michael Lynn on October 10 has been rescheduled for November 3.

Michael Lynn had agreed to give evidence in the lawsuit by the Cunningham Group against First Active (see The Resident October 3).

A medical certificate was submitted to the court on Thursday, October 9, stating that Michael Lynn would be unable to act as a witness.

However, it was reported that the note was indecipherable and in Portuguese, leading investigators to believe that the lawyer has returned to Portugal.

Mr Justice Frank Clarke, the High Court judge responsible for the case, has said that he would review the situation but added that it appeared Michael Lynn may have given a false account of why he would be unable to give evidence.

Daily newspaper The Irish Independent claimed that Michael Lynn had contacted the lawyers for Brian Cunningham by fax via the Portuguese company Vantea.

Vantea, the company currently responsible for developing the Costa Cabanas project near Tavira, formally controlled by Michael Lynn, told The Resident: “There is nobody to talk to about Michael Lynn” and refused to comment about any possible connection.

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