news: MEXICO

Drug cartel head arrested

RICARDO GARCIA Urquiza, the suspected head of a major drugs trafficking gang known as the Juarez cartel, has been caught in Mexico City.

Urquiza, also known as “the doctor”, was caught with eight aides earlier this month, in a middle class shopping centre in Mexico City.

Attorney General Daniel Cabeza de Vaca said “the doctor” was probably one of the most important drug traffickers ever arrested and his capture was a mortal blow to the Juarez cartel, a huge criminal network responsible for transporting billions of dollars worth of cocaine from Colombia into the US.

Drug barons have traditionally flaunted their immense wealth, but those who try to blend in are now being called the drug traffickers of the new generation. Garcia Urquiza, an obvious member of this new generation, is said to have evaded capture by posing as an ordinary businessman living a middle class life. He is said to have been responsible for as much as 20 per cent of the narcotics reaching American streets from Mexico.