Mexican fiery grilled corn

I love corn on the cob and most people seem to think the only way to cook it is to stick it in a pan of boiling water or steam it. However, there is another way.

In Mexico, a classic way to eat sweetcorn on the street is grilled and charred entirely on the BBQ. The result is crunchy kernels with a buttery, creamy spicy hit. A flavour sensation!

And given they seem to be in season at the moment, it is well worth giving this a go, especially if you can track corn with its husk on, as you can create fancy-looking handles to make the corn easier to eat. Enjoy!

The following recipe is enough to feed eight.

■ 8 corn cobs
■ 100g soft butter or mayonnaise

The rub
■ 1 tsp cayenne pepper
■ 1 tsp smoked paprika
■ ½ tsp sea salt
■ ½ tsp freshly ground pepper
■ 1 tsp soft brown sugar

The toppings
■ 220g Feta cheese crumbed or grated
■ 2 limes quartered
■ 1 red chilli finely chopped

1. Set up your BBQ to cook over a medium heat at around 160° Celsius.

2. Place the corn on the grill, husk-handles hanging off to the side, so they do not burn. Cook for about eight to 10 minutes, turning the cobs every few minutes until they start to brown a little.

3. Take the corn off the BBQ and smear in the butter or mayonnaise.

4. Put the corn back on the grill for another five minutes turning often until blackened in places.

5. Mix the rub. Remove the cobs from the grill and sprinkle the rub mixture. Let your guests help themselves to cheese, a squeeze of lime, chilli and any other toppings you may like.

Article supplied by Chris Winstanley from Moveison outdoor living store near Lagos