Metro tightens up access controls

LISBON METRO was due to switch on its automatic turnstiles on the yellow and blue lines yesterday (Thursday, February 1).

The turnstiles, which have been closed since the closure of Rossio Tunnel in October 2004, are to be functioning again at the following stations: Campo Grande, Cidade Universitária, Entrecampos, Campo Pequeno, Saldanha, Picoas and Marquês de Pombal on the yellow line and: Jardim Zoológico, Praça de Espanha, Avenida and Restauradores on the blue line.

The turnstiles will only be accessible to the carriers of a valid ticket or a Lisboa Viva/Sete Colinas (CP) pass. Passengers with a CP pass will be assured access between Entrecampos and Rossio, while the tunnel remains closed.

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